Maybe it’s time to change the school's core curriculum.

One high school in Western New York has set the precedent with a unique “class-turned-business.” 

Bulldog Manufacturing is a manufacturing shop located in Alden, but you may not know that the full shop is located inside of Alden High School and run entirely by its high school students. They have frequent customers, and yes, a CEO.

As of now, it is the only program of its kind in all of New York state, but other schools may follow suit to help students expand their career options beyond high school.

Showing students new possibilities and different career opportunities is all a part of teaching. 

On Oct. 21, Alden High School’s Bulldog Manufacturing opened their doors to other manufacturers around Western New York for the first time.

The students and teachers are passionate about their full manufacturing shop, and that’s why they put their heart and soul into everything they do at Bulldog Manufacturing and its initiative. 

You may think it is “just another shop class,” but it is not. It is a lot more. Bulldog Manufacturing handles their business professionally, because they believe in what they do.

I wouldn’t be surprised if other high schools in Western New York offered a similar program in their core curriculum. 

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