These days, it isn't an awards show without magnetic country duo Florida Georgia Line and they performed their latest single 'Stay' at the 2013 ACAs.

Mandalay Bay certainly heated up with FGL's passionate and intense performance. It's a much different vibe than the lighthearted 'Cruise,' and they appropriately channel a more serious, somber mood for this specific song.

Scenes from their music video played behind Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard, and, as fans of the duo know, it portrayed lots of smoke and fire. So, midway through the song, flames began bursting from the stage as the pyro scenes of the video flashed on the screen.

All of their time performing together and practicing paid off this evening. FGL sounded tight, with their vocals really sealing the deal. A guitar solo during the song drew huge cheers from the audience, and the camera showed Luke Bryan, Lauren Alaina and a whole lot of fans giving the newcomers a standing ovation.

After snagging Single of the Year, several other awards, and giving a rousing performance, FGL shows that they are truly on fire!