Jake Owen was joined by the legendary Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top for a high energy performance of his smash hit 'Days of Gold' during the 2013 American Country Awards -- and it seemed like even the country singer was in disbelief.

Owen started the performance by laughing and clapping for Gibbons, with a face that proved even he is a fan of the rocker. The singer wore his best Canadian tuxedo for a performance in front of a video that could only make you reminisce about the summer.

Gibbons looked the part of a rockstar in his hat, sunglasses and studded leather jacket. The flashing yellow lights lit up Owen's scruffy face and long hair while he danced around the stage during his performance.

Gibbons played a guitar solo and Owen again looked honored to be onstage with the musician. During the solo, Owen's excitement got the best of him as he jumped around and clapped for the fans. The crowd's volume proved how much fun they had when the song ended and their cheers began.