Country stars may have different styles, songs and voices, but they all agree on one thing: no fighting at concerts. Tyler Farr recently broke up a brawl at a Big Frog 104 show, reinstating the fact that it's cool to sing along and dance at shows, but it's not acceptable to throw punches.

The singer was mid-song when he noticed a ruckus taking place. Apparently, a bunch of guys were fighting, and Farr didn't hesitate to call them out. “Y’all knock that sh-- off. Quit that stupid-a-- nonsense," he ordered, adding, "Bunch of damn fools, bunch of boys. Knock it off."

He then beckoned security, instructing the gang to "Get their a--es outta here.”

"I remember my first beer," Farr joked, making light of the situation. Then, it was back to the music for the 'Redneck Crazy' hitmaker. His band geared back up and played as if nothing happened, but the fighting fans would unfortunately not be able to enjoy Farr's songs (much to the relief of the more civilized concertgoers).

Are country fans getting rowdier as time goes on? Tim McGraw had a few choice words for unruly patrons in California, Chris Young recently broke up a fight in New York and Luke Bryan showed his intolerance for fights while playing in Tampa. Plus, no one can forget fiery Miranda Lambert, who admonished a few girls who were fighting over a boy.

Have Country Fans Really Gone Wild?

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