There was less than 10% of the total capacity of Bills Stadium....yet, there were STILL fights. One guy on social media named, @Will1am51702, caught this video from the game on Saturday afternoon as the Buffalo Bills took on the Indianapolis Colts and posted it to TikTok. The caption was:

"The Bills game was crazy. Guy in black got his hat stolen by guy in the red"

In the video you can see two guys go up a few rows and start fighting with two other guys and everyone is letting them go for a few seconds before one other fan rushes in, interrupting the 6 foot COVID rule to try and break it up. In the video, you don't see any security come over very fast, which is interesting only because you would think that it would be easier for security to see since everyone is so spread out.

People on social media were pointing out the lack of mask on the one man as well.

No word on whether they were ejected from the game or not.

PLUS: Here is a little fun fact to know that you can impress your friends with next time the Bills are on defense. The Buffalo Bills 3rd down train is actually a sound clip from this spot.

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