Tyler Farr hit the stage at the 'Today' show on Thursday (July 30) to perform 'Whiskey in My Water.' To top it off, he brought a little surprise whiskey along.

The singer was introduced by Kathie Lee Gifford as "one of country music's brightest rising stars," and Hoda Kotb added, "It debuted in the top 5 of Billboard's Top 200 Album Chart ... and that song is moving up!"

Classically trained Farr did not disappoint in his performance of the new single. He is so strong vocally that viewers can sit back and simply enjoy the show, knowing that he'll hit his notes and deliver a strong song every time.

The 30-year-old notes that 'Whiskey in My Water' is a love song through and through. He explains, “As a songwriter or artist, there’s only so many ways you can say ‘I love you’ or ‘I think you’re beautiful.’ My way was to take that from a country boy standpoint and say ‘You’re the moon in my shine, whiskey in my water.’"

"It's honestly as simple as that. It honestly just fell out of the sky," Farr adds.

Judging from Gifford's tweet about Farr's visit to the 'Today' show, he also showed Gifford and Kotb that they're the 'moon in his shine' by gifting them with some Jack Daniels before he lit up the stage, proving he's both generousand talented.

Hopefully what Kotb promised is true: maybe this Independence Day weekend, Farr will see 'Whiskey In My Water' move up to No. 1.

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