A new school season is about to get underway. Remember shopping for school supplies and if you were like me, getting dragged around town having to play dress up, as your mom made you try on every stitch of clothing sewn together by kids half your age in some third world country? Mom basically picked out my clothes and that was it. She bought them, I wore them (not always without a fight) but now it seems like the government is getting involved

msn.com reports that Florida Sen. Gary Siplin wants to extend his fashion sense by offering kids back to school with 200 free belts. The state recently enacted a Pull Up Your Pants law as part of the dress code at Florida schools, which Siplin pushed for (see what other state has banned saggy pants).

Why are tax dollars being spent to HELP KEEP KID’S PANTS UP?!? REALLY!?! Isn’t this the job of the parents? There are people in real need of clothing and Florida is spending money to purchase AN ACCESSORY because parents cannot discipline or instill proper etiquette in their own kids?

The law also targets low-cut and midriff-exposing shirts on girls. Repeat violators could face up to three days of in-school suspension.

Really!?!  We need to MAKE A STATE LAW for this!?! How about Law of: MY HOUSE, MY RULES? “If I see or even hear about you wearing low-cut and midriff-exposing shirts you will be wearing a smock for the rest of the school year.” Case closed. Full story CLICK HERE. Pants on the ground indeed.