117 Gust
There have been so many videos coming in from the storm chasers that have decided to cover and record the winds and storm surge in Hurricane Irma. This one is rather impressive as the guy is able to stand and record a 117mph gust!
He Proposed
Three years ago Melissa Dohme was the victim of a horrible crime.  She was stabbed 32 times by her boyfriend at the time.  The man that came across her body that night was Cameron Hill.  He said she was so drenched in blood "you couldn't tell she was blond."
Stupid Criminal
This guy is the ultimate in scumbag.  He's also pretty stupid.  Watch as he robs this elderly woman by following her into an elevator with a knife.  Then as he tries to take off, the elevator doors close and he walks right into them.  Then he's stuck to ride up the elev…
Tortuga Review
I had never heard of Tortuga Music Festival until last October when I visited family in the Ft. Lauderdale area and heard an advertisement on the radio. After experiencing the fun this past weekend,you can bet I am going to make it a point to get to it as often as I can and there is one artist I hop…
Pair With Down Syndrome Make History In Florida
How awesome? This just proves that high school cliches don't always apply.
Two students with down syndrome were elected West Orange High School's homecoming king and queen this week.
According to WFTV:
The Down Syndrome Association of Central Florida said that it was the first time two …

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