If you are not sick with a cold, cough or flu yet, it is only a matter of time! But is that cough more serious than you think?

We are all more germ aware after the COVID-19 pandemic. Perhaps you are still choosing to wear a mask in various public places? The next step is to get a flu shot. The flu is back and on the move across the Empire State.

According to the health department, to date, more than 113-thousand Empire State residents have tested positive for the virus. Hospitalizations are also on the rise and the health department recommends that everyone who is six months and older get a flu shot.

The kids are back in school and are getting ready and excited for the winter/holiday break that is coming up. But some officials in New York State are reminding parents and teachers that wearing a mask in schools may be a good idea. As we have been hearing and reading about lately, there is a "triple demic" happening. From the flud to COVID to RSV, there are a number of ways to get sick these days.

No matter the illness, or worry, it is always a good idea to wash hands and stay away from those who are sick. But something that I rarely hear mentioned is that people may want to take more vitamins and perhaps get more fresh air. It sounds basic but I feel like that has helped us keep the flu and colds at bay for the most part in our home.

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