Are you or do you know one of those persons whose most faithful companion is their television set?  I mean, we all feel the need to kick back and enjoy one of our favorite programs occasionally but do we watch the tube while we eat dinner with the family, brush our teeth or drive the car (its for the kids — right)?  Well I went to pump some over-priced fuel into my iron steed and there, integrated into the gas pump was a television hooked up to the gas station channel or something like that.  There was no escape.  It was loud, in my face and had no way to turn it down.  It even blasted out mini-commercials between the quickie movie reviews and promos.  Thought I’d spend a few minutes of quiet time, just you and the gas dispenser but alas, a little bit of solitude was nowhere to be found.  How about giving us the location of  the lowest gas prices, now that might be more useful.  Guess they don’t want us to be bored while we pump our gas.  Annoyed maybe.

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