Ryan Miller was the starting goalie for the Buffalo Sabres for 12 years.  He just announced his retirement from the NHL and over the weekend, got a touching sendoff from the L.A. Kings.

You can really tell how much respect you've gathered in your career with the way that your competitors treat you. There should be no doubt in anyone's mind how much respect the other players in the NHL have for Ryan Miller after what transpired this past weekend.

Miller announced his retirement would be coming at the end of the season which means that he was going to be playing his last home game as an Anaheim Duck on Saturday.  It was a great game for the Ducks.  They walked all over the L.A. Kings and ended up winning 6-2.

But the impressive part came after the game.

Normally at the end of the game, the players will go to their own goalie and congratulate them on a win like that.  But this time, not only did the L.A. Kings go to their own goalie, they also lined up to congratulate Miller.

It just doesn't get much better than Ryan Miller between the posts.  Miller is the only player in hockey history to be named the top goalie in the NCAA, the AHL, the Olympics and the NHL. Of course, when he was here in Buffalo, he also won the Vezina Trophy in 2010 for being the league's best goalie.

The thing about Miller is that while he was on the ice, his competitiveness and skill were undeniable.  Off the ice, his generosity and his friendliness are what people remember.  It was so cool to see so many people come forward with stories of how good of a guy he was when he was here.

We wish Ryan the best in whatever comes next for him.  Let us know where the line is to say congrats.  We will get in that line too.



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