We all know how you eat wings in Buffalo.  Ranch dressing should never even be in that conversation.  So obviously, a Buffalo staple should know that...right?

Evidently not.

Last weekend I was in North Carolina visiting my mom and I had mentioned that we should have brought some "Frank's" with us.  I even started to describe it to some people from North Carolina.  That's when they said, "you know we have that here already right?"

I didn't.  I always thought it was a Buffalo thing.  I mean, when it comes to making wings, we all know that you have to have butter and Frank's right?  Buffalo and Franks have gone hand in had for years.

But today, they showed they're marketing to a different fan base now.


Since when is it ranch and wings? And we never call them "Buffalo wings!" They're just wings here.

So obviously Buffalo responded.

When is national Blue Cheese Dip Day? We will be watching.

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