Valentine's Day is this Sunday and if you are looking for a sweet treat for your sweetheart, Tim Horton's has a freebie for you!

It is going to be brutally cold this weekend and nothing says I love you on a cold day like a hot coffee or hot chocolate. According to at least one report,

All you'll have to do snag your free donut is order online or with the Tim Hortons app at a participating Tim Hortons location on Feb. 13 or 14 and purchase any size beverage

My guess is that Tim Horton's is already part of your weekend routine. If it is not a morning coffee, perhaps it is an afternoon run through the drive-thru? We are always running errands on the weekend and in between stops at the stores, we treat ourselves to a snack or coffee.

Experts say that couples will be spending less this year on their loved ones for Valentine's Day. Since the pandemic has forced many places to shut down or close early, staying home and having a nice dinner in or making homemade gifts seems to be the plan for many. If you plan on getting flowers at the last minute, don't be surprised if you pay a little more than previous years. The demand is high and the supply chain may have limited the availability.

Because of the COVID situation, Valentine's Day at schools is also going to be different. Most schools are asking families and kids not to bring in hand-out like cards and candies.

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