Here is the sound!

We've been playing the Clay and Company Secret Sound!

How it works: we started last week with a short clip of a certain sound something makes. We take a guess, and if the guess is wrong, we extended the sound a little longer, making it easier.

This morning we have played the entire sound AND even gave you a clue.

Tomorrow morning at 7:40am  we are DESTINED to give someone PIZZA FOR A YEAR from Casa di Pizza! We have played the entire Clay + Company Secret Sound, and given you the clue 'you may hear this every morning'.

Get your family to the radio tomorrow at 7:40 tomorrow!!

Lets recap the WRONG answers:

-Duct tape
-Opening tupperware
-A straw
-Folding a deck of cards
-Eating celery
-Opening a can of cat food

What does pizza for an entire one year actually mean? You will get pizza once a month, whenever you want for free, so 12 pizzas for the year. Think though: that means, 12 less times you have to buy dinner or better yet, PLAN dinner for the entire family.

Thank you to our friends at Casa Di Pizza for all of the love!


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