If you're on Facebook you have probably seen several pictures of people holding up their string art, maybe painted pallets or coasters and etched beer glasses. There is normally a common theme...they're in some sort of bar!

What is this latest trend? When did Pinterest seep into the bar and how come I didn't think of it? The other angle that I think is intriguing novice craft-goers is the local artwork you create! Who doesn't want a Buffalo or the 716 landscape in their house or office?!

After seeing these pictures on Facebook for awhile a couple of my friends and I decided to take the plunge and try our hand in string art! These traveling craft classes are all over and I was going to be one of the students!

We signed up with StudioHue and were all set to go at the The Firehouse for our string art night. We got the last three slots in class, these things fill up fast!  I knew going in that I wanted to do a buffalo but thought for sure I would screw it up. I will tell you this, if you're one of those people that sees something on Pinterest but you're scared to try it on your own this is for you!  We showed up and everything was taken care of, everything you need is right in front of you. From start to finish you're guided through you DIY project!

I picked my pattern and had my wood, hammer, staining brush, gloves and nails all set!

Liz Mantel

We stained the wood and they attached the hook to the back then we started nailing away! (This is after the stencil was taken off.)

Liz Mantel

Next you pick your string color(s) and decide if you want to string it in a pattern or just go crazy!

Liz Mantel

The possibilities are endless with how you want to do this! Different colors, patterns and even how many images you want on your board! I can't wait to try more! They offer so many different projects that you can do!

The really do have so many other projects from pallets, coasters, skyline prints, pillows and more... I could do it all! If you're looking for something to do with friends or your daughters...even treat mom! I recommend one of these nights. It really was a good time!

This sucker is going in the WYRK studio! Everyone loves it and the Dean of Country didn't believe that I made it. Everyone wants one now...looks like we might be booking a private party! lol

Great time with our string creations at The Firehouse Sports Bar & Grill last night!

Posted by StudioHue on Friday, February 19, 2016