Gecko's at 1462 Hertel has been operating from the same building for the last 20 years.  Now, they're looking to upgrade, and it's going to be a huge project.

According to WGRZ, they were hoping to simply fix the existing building, but after considering what that would take, they're now proposing that the building be torn down completely and a brand new building be built in its place.

"The building has exceeded its life span. We took a hard look at the future and saw more and more major repairs coming. We decided the building would be best suited for a fresh, new start." - Michael Berger, Sutton Architecture architect who is handling the project for Gecko owner Jack Syracuse.

That would mean at least a $1 million demolition of their old building.

The new building looks incredible though.  It would be a 3100 square foot two story building with outdoor covered patios on the street level.  It's certainly a different look from most of the restaurants you will find up and down the street on Hertel.  But it does have a fresh, modern new look.

Gecko's Bar & Grill serves American fare and pub style food.

At this point there isn't a timeline for when the project might begin or end. The plans have been submitted to the Buffalo Planning Board.  Now the only question is whether or not they will allow it to happen.

What do you think about it?  Will it fit on Hertel?  Will the Planning Board approve of the plan?


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