General Mills is the reason that our city smells like Cheerios.  They've added a little love to their food, and now, they're adding a little love to their logo.

It's the first time since 2001 that there has been a change to the logo of General Mills.  That change happened when they joined with Pillsbury and the classic cursive G became a dark blue color to add Pillsbury to the General Mills branding.

They've added a splash of red to the logo this time in the form of a heart and a few words that are pretty explanatory.




"Making Food People Love"


According to a blog post on their website, it's just the beginning.

“The updated logo and branding nods to our tradition – the big blue G – and adds a splash of red to make our passion clear: Making Food People Love,” says Mary Lynn Carver, chief communications officer for General Mills. “And the logo is just the beginning. Our corporate brand is about telling the General Mills story thoughtfully, proactively and consistently.”

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