This promotion seems like the dumbest marketing scheme you will ever find.

I had to read this a few times to make sure I was reading it correctly.

Burger King is releasing a new app that will give visitors a chance to get a Whopper for just 1 penny! But need to go to McDonald's????!

Metro Source News explains

 Once a guest is inside a McDonald's, the app will use the smart phones' location services to unlock the Whopper for a penny promotion. The company is calling the promotion the "Whopper Detour" and it will only last nine days.

That's correct. You'll need to go to Burger King's longtime rival to unlock the promotion. Is Burger King feeling OK? Last week BK debuted a menu for dogs and are bringing back  Cini-Minis to the menu. It seem,s like they will try anything at this point!


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