The most popular chicken wing place in Western New York, and quite possibly all of New York State is Bar-Bill in East Aurora, New York. There are rumors that the Bar-Bill may be coming to the Southtowns.

Sure, there are hundreds of great, locally owned pizza and wing restaurants and taverns here in the Buffalo area. However, the Bar-Bill is more than just a great wing place. It has become a tourist destination and the place that most who come to Buffalo and Western New York want to try. There have been several endorsements from celebrities and professional athletes who have stopped in for some wings.

Bar-Bill has expanded from it's roots in East Aurora and there are some who are eyeing another location in the Hamburg-Armor area.

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The new location, if it happened, would be in the former Armor Inn, most recently the Rush Creek Ale House.

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Could this happen? Would this work? It would be a gamble. However, the location is not horrible considering the Buffalo Bills play just a mile or so away in Highmark Stadium.

But there are several other great places for wings in the Armor, Hamburg area. The Big Tree is just around the corner and in the Village of Hamburg you have places like Mammoser's that also have a great tavern atmosphere to go with your wings.

It would be nice to see another owner use the former Armor Inn for something. It is a great building with a great location.

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