She might be the next big singer out of Western New York.

By now, I'm sure you have heard about Cami Clune.

She went to school at Williamsville's Christian Central Academy and has been singing for a long time and now, there are only 16 people in her way until she can be crowned 'The Voice' champion.

Cami Clune on 'The Voice'

Tonight the voice is back: Monday, November 30th at 8pm-10pm and all 17 contestants will compete, so it will be a packed performance schedule! This is an EXTREMELY important round as public voting begins, which means get ready to call in to vote, Buffalo. The number to call in and vote will be on the screen once Cami begins performing. The one with the highest public vote per team will move on the the semi finals the following week. Each celebrity coach also picks a winner. Making it 2 winners per team. Also one contestant per team also may qualify for the “wildcard” where they will have a four-way “sing off” on Tuesday. One contestant from that four way wildcard will move forward to the semi finals making it a total of nine contestants moving forward and eight going home.

She was originally picked up by Team John Legend during the blind auditions when she did a cover of Bon Iver's 'Mesmerizing' that had all 4 judges turn their chair. In the next round, Cami Clune lost her knockout round, but was saved by Kelly Clarkson (who also used her block on Blake Shelton during the blind auditions).

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