On Saturday, Buffalo made national news with the inaugural Kale eating contest labeled "The World’s Healthiest Eating Championship" from the creators, The Independent Health Foundation’s Healthy Options. 

The competitor who could put down the most kale would walk away two grand richer. Here's how it went down!

Gideon Oji was able to put down 25 bowls of Kale in eight minutes to grab the first ever Kale Cup!

He said:

"I've been on the road eating hot dogs, chicken, everything...all the American foods. So there is no one that does me justice at being the world's healthiest man and winning the kale eating championship."

You can  learn more about The Independent Health Foundation’s Healthy Options Program at  www.HealthyOptionsBuffalo.com. There you can find full list of participating restaurants, cooking classes, dining tips, recipes and more.



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