The summer of 2024 is here and it is time to have some fun! Here in New York State, there are thousands of ATV trails to enjoy. However, some are fearing a new law that would ban the sale of gas powered ATV and off-road vehicles.

Owning an ATV is so fun and, for some, a useful tool on the farm and the on the job. Whether it is pulling things out of the mud, or moving and lowing the snow in the winter, there are so many uses for an ATV beyond the recreational ones.

A new law will require ATVs and other off-road vehicles to be powered by electricity (batteries) not gas!

In a report from Spectrum News, the law states that...
The bill is sponsored by Sen. Pete Harckham (and Assemblyman Kevin Cahill, A.4302). It also mandates that all off-road vehicles and equipment sold or leased in New York be zero-emission by 2035. Medium and heavy-duty vehicles have an extra 10 years to get into compliance – their deadline is 2045. And finally, the bill directs the state to develop a comprehensive plan to guide the transition to an all–electric transportation sector.

Many of the off-road or ATV manufacturers have also begun to produce and engineer electric powered machines. I have seen many outdoor and hunting shows that are using them. Not only are they better for scent control because no fumes are produced, but they are super quiet. The power is still there in many cases. But so is the price tag.

There is no denying that we are experiencing some sort of climate change. Is it a result of human interaction with the earth? That is the topic for debate among many politicians and scientists. However, that debate is moving new laws like this one forward in many states.

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