Some residents of Grand Island are not too happy with a proposed Amazon warehouse project proposed to be built on the island and now they can voice their concern to the Town Board during a public meeting next week.

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Spectrum News reporter Fadia Mayte Patterson was on the scene yesterday of a protest of the project.

According to WIVB, The Amazon project developers have offered the town nearly 10 million dollars to help cover infrastructure improvements, help create a new community center on the island, and improve the current bike trail a well.

Earlier in July, the developers had put the project on pause and did not send the project to the Town Board for a vote.

Most people who are against the project cite traffic concerns, with a limited amount of ways to get on and off the island.

The Grand Island planning board voted against the project 3-2 earlier this year.

You can read the whole notice about the proposed vote and public forum HERE


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