There is simply nothing that says summer like the smell of food on the grill in the backyard! Whether it is a veggie burger on the grill or your favorite meats, when the grill is fired up or the smoker is going, it is hard to beat. But perhaps you haven't had a chance to get your own grill or recently moved to a place that doesn't have enough space for you to keep a grill? There is good news from Miller Lite.

One of my favorite things to do any time of the year is grill. The feeling of cracking a cold beer, cranking up the tunes and firing up the grill is so relaxing after a long day. Yes, here in Buffalo and Western New York we grill all year round. Even when it's snowing. I think that everyone should have that same experience and so does Miller Lite.

With plenty of time left and great weather ahead this summer, and football season and tailgate parties coming up, you still have time to get the grill going! It is corn season here in New York State and there is something special about the taste of fresh corn on the grill. Stop by your favorite road side stand and grab a few years get some beers and celebrate the best summer in over two years!

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