The new year is here and if you are looking to learn more about how to get a pistol permit or hear about new innovations in the firearms industry, there is a show that you will want to visit this weekend.

New York State is changing the laws and regulations this year regarding the purchase and transfer of guns and handguns. There will be representatives from area pistol permit clerk's offices to answer questions and offer advice at the Niagara Frontier Gun Show on the Hamburg Fairgrounds.

New York State law requires that a National Instant Criminal Background Check must be completed prior to all firearm sales or transfers, including sales or transfers of rifles or shotguns. The sale or transfer of a firearm, rifle or shotgun at a Gun Show without first conducting a Background Check is a crime.

The Niagara Frontier Gun Show will take place at the Hamburg Fairgrounds event center this Saturday and Sunday. Admission is $7 and they expect 300 tables and plenty of vendors and appraisers.

If you are interested in getting starting your pistol permit application, there are a variety of steps that you will need to take here in New York State. Residents who are 21 years and older will need to complete a safety course and have proper photos and fingerprints taken as well as successfully complete/pass a background check.

A common question about pistol permits pertains to the references portion of the application. Here in ERIE COUNTY there are some things to note. A couple of towns/villages have specific requirements beyond what ERIE COUNTY/New York requires.

-No References can be a relative of the applicant or a boyfriend/girlfriend
-Amherst residents must have at least 2 references that live in Amherst, the other 2 may live anywhere in Erie County
-EAST AURORA residents must have at least 2 references that live in East Aurora, the other 2 may live anywhere in Erie County
-Residents who live in any other towns, villages, or cities, may use anyone in Erie County as a reference

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