It's been a difficult and frustrating past few months for gym owners across the state, as they have not been allowed to reopen yet and there's been no inkling on when they might reopen.

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But some good news came on Friday.

According to WIVB, Governor Andrew Cuomo said that protocols for gyms being able to open would be released on Monday.

It's unclear what the protocols could be, but it's safe to assume that there would be capacity limits.

That wasn't all either -- Governor Cuomo said that all bowling alleys would be allowed to reopen on Monday as well.

For bowling alleys, there would be a 50 percent capacity limit, with every other lane closed for social distancing. Masks must be worn and bars inside bowling alleys would remain closed.

Great news for gym owners. It's been a long time coming and even though protocols will be in place, it appears gyms will be reopening soon.

To read more, visit WIVB.

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