Major storms swept through Western New York yesterday and along with some rain and thunderstorms, there was some sizable hail that came crashing down to earth.

Check out these photos that were posted on Twitter. The poster said the hail fell around 4 pm on Thursday afternoon in Cayuga County. The hail was about 2 inches in size.

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Heading into Saturday and Sunday we will see a drop of nearly 20 degrees from our highs on Wednesday and Thursday. For Saturday we are looking for a mix of sun and clouds with a high near 68.

On Sunday, for Father's Day, it will be another day of a mix of sun and clouds with a high near 70.

The cooler weather won't be with us long. We will see a return to our normal average temperatures starting back on Monday. For next week it looks like a nice forecast, mostly sunny skies with highs in the mid to upper 70s for much of the week.

So far it has been a rollercoaster of weather changes with major swings in the high and lows but it looks more stable for the next couple of weeks

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