With the weather not expected to be ideal for Trick or Treating tonight, there are even more reasons to be extra safe while out collecting candy.

Here are some very easy safety tips you can follow to make sure everyone has fun tonight.


Have some sort of light. A flashlight, glowstick cellphone light.
Across roads at crosswalks and signals
Walk in the sidewalk or on walking paths. If there is no sidewalk, make sure to walk facing traffic and stay as far left as you safely can.


Remember it gets really dark around the time trick or treaters will be out. Make sure to be extra vigilant
Proceed slowly through intersections and crosswalks. Little kids get eager and could dart in and out areas.
With possible heavy rain, make sure to drive slowly in neighborhoods.


Double check your kids candy before letting them eat it
Don't eat any unwrapped items
When in doubt...throw it out.


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