Few things beat a beef on weck on a cool fall day in Western New York. The perfect amount of caraway seeds and salt with tender beef that isn't overcooked. It's a Buffalo delicacy.

There are certain variations of a beef on weck, such as mini beef on weck (JP Fitzgerald's has these), or beef on weck pizza, which I've seen a time or two at local pizzerias.

However, beef on weck egg rolls are something that I don't think many people have seen, but sounds very intriguing. One popular Hamburg restaurant now has beef on weck egg rolls.

Hoak's on Lake Shore in Hamburg posted their new creation, beef on weck egg rolls earlier this week on Facebook and they look incredible.

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Hoak's serves them with a side of gravy and a horseradish sauce.

The bad news is they're while supplies last, so there's no guarantee they will have them all the time.

I wonder if chicken wing egg rolls are a thing? If not, then it has to be. Imagine a chicken wing dig inside an egg roll and dipping it in blue cheese? I'm sure we can work this out and have a local restaurant make these, because they would definitely be a home run.

What other unique dishes are in Western New York? If you have anything in mind, make sure to let us know! We love discovering unique dishes in Buffalo and its suburbs.

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