Episode 2 is ready to go! Hank and I were just about to start recording when the news about Tyrod Taylor came in and Hank wanted to celebrate!

The idea for Episode 2 was to review the new song from Aaron Watson called "Outta Style" off of his new album, "Vaquero."

I have been listening to Aaron Watson for a few years and although he has been mainly known as a "Texas Artist," this new song could be his first big "mainstream" hit.

Combining a contemporary sound with traditional undertones doesn't work for every artist. However, as any Aaron Watson fan will tell you, he isn't just any artist and there may not be much he can't accomplish with music. Beyond the cool lyrics that mention a Monte Carlo ( I love Chevy cars and trucks) this song is going to be a windows down, crank up the volume and bring on the summer-kind of song that may just be an anthem for the hot weather this year.

Even though traditional country may have gone "Outta Style" for some misinformed program directors and record executives, if you do things like Aaron Watson has done on the album "Vaquero," it still has a place on radio. According to the sales of the album over the first couple of weeks it has been available, Watson has found the perfect recipe to feed the hunger those of us who love gritty, solid country have.

Thanks to Videographer: David Seifert for the help filming and producing this episode!

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