Spring has sprung! Everything is starting to bloom and the grass and trees are starting to green up. Hank and I spend as much time outside as we can and he got to experience grass on the lawn for the first time!This week (April 21st) is Hank turns 10 months! Much like the last episode with the Easter Bunny, Hank wasn't too sure what to think about the cool prickly feeling of the lawn in his hands. It took him more than 5 minutes to actually be ok with crawling to me on the lawn. As he grows up, I imagine that he will be tired of seeing the lawn as mowing the grass will become a chore for him. I am not the world's greatest lawn guy but I was able to fertilize the lawn AFTER we did this video. The heavy April rains decided to show up a day after and perhaps in next weeks episode Hank will be able to experience mud for the first time? If he is anything like me, he will love mud and try to get in to it as much as he possibly can!

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