During the week when I do my Noon Tunes Request Show, I get a lot of requests for Hank Williams, Jr., but obviously we can't really play him on that show because his music is not part of the regular WYRK play list. So I thought for this weeks show, we would give a treat to all the "Bocephus" fans in Western New York and wherever else you are listening from. Randall Hank Williams, Jr. is today's feature artist on Wide Open Country. You can text or email, but I would much rather prefer you call in to the show so I can hear your voice and if you have something cool to say, I just may put your comments on the air. If you are local, call 644-WYRK and if you are far away it's a toll-free call for you at 800-696-WYRK. Please give us a call if you feel inclined and keep in mind we have a new time slot: 6am to 9am. Thank you for listening!