As the Bills get ready to take on the New England Patriots on Monday Night Football many members of Bills Mafia think of one person when they think of the Patriots.

That person has never thrown a touchdown, sacked a Bills quarterback, or even played one single down against the Bills, but Bills Mafia has a huge dislike of Bill Belichick.

The hate started back in the 1990s as Bill Belichick was the defensive coordinator that shut down the high-scoring K-Gun of the Jim Kelly-led Buffalo Bills during Super Bowl XXV as the Giants beat the Bills 20-19.

Then the Bills will could on to play against Belichick twice a season as he became the head coach of the New England Patriots in 2000.

Over the past 21 seasons, the Bills faithful have watched Belichick and Tom Brady run rampant over the Bills and the entire NFL. Since he took over the head coaching in 2000, Belichick has won six Superbowls, was named the AP NFL Coach of the year three times and holds the record for most Super Bowl appearances by an NFL head coach with nine.

Of course with all the success, the Bills Mafia watched their team stumble during that same time frame. Many years we would see the Patriots sweep the Bills, win the AFC East, and go to the Super Bowl as our team floundered and tried to find the right coach to lead the team.

Since 2000 when Belichick took over New England, the Bills have had 10 different head coaches.

To say this game is a big game on Monday night is an understatement. To beat the Patriots and take the led in the AFC East would be a major win for the Bills and members of the Bills Mafia.

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