In the grand scheme of things, New York State is not exactly a state that is universally beloved by outsiders; even current residents for that matter.

Its cost of living and high taxes are typically the biggest reason for that, along with the weather and harsh winters for certain regions of the state.

However, there are plenty of things to love about the state.

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The food is incredible, especially on the opposite spectrums of the state's geography. New York City and Buffalo have amazing food. The nightlife in places like New York City is also wonderful.

Then you have the fall. New York State might be the best state for the month of October in the country. It has perfect fall foliage and tons of autumn activities to partake in.

There's no doubt that some animosity is out there for certain parts of the state and it's for different reasons. It could be the weather. Maybe it's the lack of things to do or the horrible traffic. Maybe even the people from there, whether that is fair to say or not, the discussion still remains.

Sports rivalries also play a factor in that as well. Things can get pretty heated when it comes to sports rivalries and this state is a lightning rod for animosity. You probably already have certain fanbases in mind for that topic.

Which places are more hated than others?

Here are the three most hated places in New York State.

Three Most Hates Places in New York State

The three places that are the most hated in New York State.

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