New York State is one of the most underrated states in the United States.

That's because most people think of New York City and nothing else, when they hear "New York." If they think beyond New York City, then they imagine cities like Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and Albany.

However, much of New York is actually countryside and farmland. It also houses one of the most gorgeous regions of the entire country, The Finger Lakes.

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The Finger Lakes sit in the middle portion of New York and offer amazing views and prime vacation destinations. There's also wineries and wedding venues that are scattered throughout the entire region.

One of the most famous attractions is the Belhurst Castle and Winery in Geneva, New York.

Belhurst Castle is located on the northwest side of Seneca Lake, which is the deepest lake of the Finger Lakes region. Belhurst offers a restaurant, brewery, winery, wedding venue and stays. It's a gorgeous property that gets very busy in the spring and summer.

It also might be haunted.

Haunted History Trail details why this property is said to be haunted, with stories of those who constructed the castle, either dying by falling off of the roof or a man going insane while constructing the roof.

Then there's the story of Isabella, who is the ghost who is said to haunt the grounds of the Belhurst Castle property.

The story goes that Isabella and her forbidden lover fled to America and settled along Seneca Lake, at the location of the castle. They also built a secret tunnel, which they tried to use to escape those looking for them but the tunnel collapsed on Isabella, causing her death.

Her ghost is said to stand along the shore of Seneca Lake and standing on the front lawn of Belhurst. There's even been accounts of strange happenings inside the mansion, such as showers turning on and off. There's also been accounts of banter and laughing in the rooms, which is interesting since it was at one point a speakeasy and casino, long before what it is today.

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