The cool part about the City of Buffalo is the balance of old and new. There's really no better place for that than the Buffalo River, where the Silo City is.

It wasn't that long ago that the area around the silos, where Buffalo RiverWorks is, was nothing more than just old buildings that had been abandoned. It's really changed over the last 10-15 years or so.

My friends and I decided to take a tour on the Buffalo CycleBoats paddle boat tours on Sunday evening and it was fun seeing all the history, as well as the new things the area had to offer.

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There were two things I was not preparing to witness, however.

As we were going down the Buffalo River, we noticed an old steamboat called the Canadiana. It was clearly a boat that hadn't been used in quite some time, and our captain even said there were rumors around that a little girl could be seen sometimes on the boat, like a ghost.

According to an article from 2017 by The Buffalo News, the Canadiana was post popular between 1910 and 1956, as it took millions from Buffalo to Crystal Beach amusement park.

Just a little further down the river was a steamboat called the Columbia, which is an 120-year-old boat that now sits near a grain elevator.

The boat looks like a ghost ship and it's hard not to keep your eyes on it as you pass by.

What's interesting is that in 2017, according to The Buffalo News, the Columbia arrived in Buffalo around 2015 and the plan was to restore her to her elegant self, just like she was around 100 years ago.

The original plan was to raise around $18 million and for restoration to be completed around 2023 or 2024. To sail down the Hudson River and bring back the tradition of old-time day-liners.

Both ships do not look like they will be ready anytime soon to be used again, however, here in 2022.

If you go down the Buffalo River, these two ships will be easy to spot. They were the highlights for me and some of my friends, which is saying something since there are a ton of cool landmarks to view.

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