The best way to honor those lives who were lost on 9/11 is to be the people that we were on Sept. 12. Everyone came together and just loved each other and gave our appreciation for our first responders and military service heroes. 

We always say “never forget,” but have we overlooked our National Guard for the last two decades?

On the 20th anniversary of 9/11, Governor Kathy Hochul proposed legislation that would allow National Guard members to qualify as veterans under New York State law. 

A press release from the Governor’s Office recognized the National Guard’s presence, specifically in the sky on the day that horrific terrorist attack uprooted the world. 

“They never got the recognition they deserved,” Governor Hochul said of our National Guard members. “It’s twenty years overdue, but I’m here to set that straight because I have seen what you’ve done and I know what you’ll continue to do.” 

Governor Hochul commended the National Guard members who served during the 9/11 attacks, and she gave credit to those who signed up in the 20 years following that day.

“I’ll always be in awe of that,” Hochul said.

Governor Hochul signed legislation on Saturday that would expand the criteria that defines first responders who participated in the World Trade Center rescue. A second bill was signed that increased the National Guard’s accessibility in applying for World Trade Center benefits, and a third bill expanded the definition of first responders to include communication workers. 

Governor Hochul said she signed these bills to allow people to receive the benefits they deserve.

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