One of my special pastimes is trying new beers. My late grandmother got me into drinking beer when I was about 14. Grandma loved to have an ice cold beer or an ale. However, she had her preferences. She disliked American beer and would only drink Canadian beer and ales. She got me into the habit of drinking Canadian lagers and ales as well. My favorite is Molson Stock Ale, which many call "Molson's Blue". That particular offering is only available in Canada.

Sometimes when I am out shopping, I will see a new beer or ale that I have to purchase so I can try it out. Labatt Brewing, which by the way has their American headquarters here in downtown Buffalo, has just come out with their new Brewers collection. The four new offerings are: Blonde Ale, Perfect Pils, Rye Ale and Shandy. Check out the retro styling of the bottles. These four are being sold by the case, giving six bottles of each. I am really looking forward to trying the new selections from Labatt. When I do, I will be raising a glass in my grandmother Dorothy's memory. Cheers!

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