If you haven't tried these new canned drinks called Cutwater Spirits, you're missing out. They've been all over Instagram and Snapchat the past few weeks and my buddy has been obsessed with them and swears by them, so we had a night where we decided that was going to be all we will drink.

They're good. Real good.

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Dangerous a bit, though. I wouldn't play any drinking games with them as they're 12.5% alcohol (a Bud or blue light is less than 5% in case you need a comparison). The flavors seem to be almost endless. There are a ton so, you will definitely find one that you like. They have vodka mules, to rum and cokes to tequila soda and tiki rum mai tai's!

We had a hard time finding them, though so we emailed them and they shot us back a response right away! If you're in the Lancaster/Depew/Alden area, it seems like you're in luck because the only places that they are available are around you!

Where can you get Cutwater drinks in Buffalo? 

-Doks Discount Liquors, Broadway in Alden
-Alden Wine and Liquor, Broadway in Alen
-Premium Wine and Spirits, Transit Road in Buffalo
-Benhatzel's Cordially Yours, French Road in Depew (old K-Mart plaza next to Yings)
-Buffalo Liquor, Transit Road in Depew
-Outlet Liquors on George Urban Blvd. in Depew
-Airport Discount Liquors, Genesee Street in Buffalo

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