Josh Turner

How many times have you been listening to a song that you love and you can't help but ask, "Haven't I heard this before?" From Mark Chesnutt's version of "Rollin' With The Flow" to Tim McGraw's rendition of "Suspicions," we've had our fair share of remakes in the last couple years.  Of course, some versions shine more than others.  But Josh Turner certainly doesn't disappoint with his latest release.

In some aspects, Josh Turner is the modern-day equivalent to Don Williams: a good, clean-cut country boy with good, clean-cut country songs and a warm, friendly voice to match. So it only makes sense that Turner has repeatedly dipped into the Don Williams catalog: first with "Lord Have Mercy on a Country Boy" from the Your Man album, and again in 2010 with a cover of "I Wouldn't Be a Man". Williams took the song to #9 in 1987, and a cover by Billy Dean (yet another good, clean-cut country boy) went to #45 in 1996.

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