There seems to be some confusion when it comes to how much we will actually have to spend to heat our homes this winter. It was just a few weeks ago that we heard that the prices would not be too bad and may actually be lower than expected. Fast forward to this week and that is apparently not true?

The winters are long here. Even though we may not get as much snow as we recall from being a kid, the cold air lingers for months. This had to be one of the coldest Halloweens in a long time and the cold air will likely be a thing for New York residents to deal with until the spring and in to May!

If you choose to stay here in New York State and not travel to Florida for the winter, you will need to keep your house at a comfy temperature. That will be more expensive because of a delivery fee.

National Fuel Gas has announced a rate hike effective Wednesday, Nov. 1. National Fuel said in a release that the hike was due to higher market prices for natural gas, which the company purchases on the open market to provide for their customers.

So while the price of the actual gas we use is not climbing, it is the way we get it that is going to cause an increase in the prices we pay. reports that:

As an example, the company says the average residential customer who uses 99,000 cubic feet of gas annually can expect to see a monthly increase of $6.48.

We like to keep our house around 69 degrees. I would prefer it be cooler, however we have four kids and we need to keep it warmer. Also, my wife likes to be warm and she has control of the thermostat.

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