Doesn’t it feel like the seasons these days all kind of blend in? Other than the dead of summer (July, August) and the middle of winter (January, February), you could really get a mixed bag of weather in a given month.

We know this better than anyone in New York State. March and April routinely feature 60 degrees one day and 35 degrees the next; maybe some snow, maybe sunshine…your guess is as good as mine.

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Despite some cold temperatures last week across New York, things have improved steadily as this week has gone on and next week looks like a stretch of days most of us have been waiting on for a long, long time.

The National Weather Service is forecasting summer-like temperatures for New York State next week and plenty of dry time as well.

Above averages temperatures are predicted across most of New York State through most of next week.

Buffalo will see temps anywhere from 70-80 degrees through next Saturday. Areas of central and upstate New York will see temperatures as high as the low-to-mid 80’s by the end of next week.

The good news is it looks like the rain will stay away for much of next week. Many of us have been cooped up in our homes and work places for weeks and even months, so next week finally looks like the time to go out with family and friends and even a hike through a local park.

I know my dog cannot WAIT to go for long walks again. It’s almost here…

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