This weekend we "fall" back with daylight saving time and that means one thing here in Western New York..darkness for the ride home.

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Yep...get ready for early sunsets starting next Monday. Sure we get an extra hour of sleep on Sunday, but that also means that the sun will be setting before most of us head out of work.

Check out the predicted sunset times for next week according to

Monday - November 2 - 5:05PM
Tuesday - November 3 - 5:04 PM
Wednesday - November 4 - 5:03 PM
Thursday - November 5 - 5:02 PM
Friday - November 6 - 5:00 PM

Of course, it gets even worst as November continues. By the end of the month, we will see the sunset around 4:42 PM.

The final day of the long darkness will be on December 14 when the sun will set at 4:41 PM. On December 15, we flip and start adding time to daylight, but the next time we will see a sunset after 5PM will be on January 10, 2021!


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