Since we will not be going out to celebrate St. Patrick's Day today, you might as well grab a Guinness, make some Cornbeef and watch these 5 flicks.

5. -  Leprechaun - This 1993 horror movie feature Friends star Jennifer Aniston and is about an evil, sadistic Leprechaun goes on a killing rampage in search of his beloved pot of gold.


4. - Far and Away -  Tom and Nicole Kidman star as Irish immigrants Joseph and Shannon, who come to America in 1893 in search of a better life


3. - The Boondock Saints - The film follows the MacManus brothers, two poor Irish immigrants living in Boston. After they kill some mafia thugs,  they get a taste for eliminating the dregs and scum of their city


2. - The Secret of Kells - This aminated movie is good for kids and adults and tells the story of a young boy who resides in a medieval Ireland which is under attack from Viking raids. The young boy comes across an ancient book that holds the key to secret powers.


1. - My Left Foot - Watch an Oscar-winning performance from Daniel Day-Lewis in this story of a man who suffers from crippling cerebral palsy but learned to overcome his handicap to become an accomplished writer


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