How do you feel about your job? Are you happy in your career? It's not always about how much money you're making but how the job affects your life. Your job may pay very well but if your day is always full of anxiety and you can't wait to end your day is the job really worth it?

Careercast has released their 2018 Job Rankings list and we now have a list of the BEST jobs for 2018. According to their website,

"[They] aim to provide a general snapshot of 220 careers, using key criteria: Income, Growth Outlook, Work Environment and Stress."

With the parameters listed above here are the Top 10 Best Jobs for 2018.

  1. Genetic counselor ($77,480 median salary)
  2. Mathematician ($103,010 median salary)
  3. University professor — tenured ($76,000 median salary)
  4. Occupational therapist ($83,200 median salary)
  5. Statistician ($84,060 median salary)
  6. Medical services manager ($98,350 median salary)
  7. Data scientist ($114,520 median salary)
  8. Information security analyst ($92,600 median salary)
  9. Operations research analyst ($81,390 median salary)
  10. Actuary ($101,560 median salary)

Did you think your job would show up on the list or are you waiting for The Worst Jobs for 2018 to be posted?

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