It looks like every month we're going to have to really be paying attention if we want to be up-to-date with what is trendy! PureWow put out a list of things that will be BIG in April and here are a few.

  • PVC Accessories - Remember when you used to carry around your see through backpack? yeah, that's about to be a thing again but also so much more clear things like shoes and other accessories!
  • Rose gold hair - It's not just for iPhones and jewelry anymore. This spring look for a different shade of pink hair.
  • Adaptogen Smoothies - These smoothies are really hanging on the dge. Look for them to have things like shiitake mushrooms, ginseng and maca. Which, according to PureWow, are "supposed to help boost energy, regulate hormones, and make you feel more calm."
  • Fancy water bottles - I have no idea how water bottles are coming to become more trendy or fancy than they already are but I'm here to see it.
  • Social media detoxes - Look for people to try living from not behind screen in April. With the bad Snapchat update and Facebook hitting the fan with privacy it just might be enough for people to try to go without.

So what are you thoughts on April? Should the April showers just wash all this nonsense away or do you think you want to be part of some of these? I'm all for eating healthy but I just don't know if I can get behind mushroom smoothies...

See the FULL list of trends to look for in April at PureWOW.

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