Late Wednesday morning, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced all orange and yellow micro cluster zones in Western New York would be lifted.

The news is what many were looking forward to, but there is some confusion for exactly what that means for businesses in Western New York, such as restaurants, hair salons, retail, etc; as well as schools.

According to The Buffalo News, the 10 p.m. curfew for bars and restaurants will still be in effect. However, restaurants and bars will see fewer restrictions than they saw in orange or yellow micro cluster zones.

Restaurants: can have indoor dining with 10 people max per table (instead of four). All must be from the same party. They will also be limited to 50 percent capacity and the usual social distancing and mask-wearing unless seated.

Salons: can operate at 50 percent capacity with six feet of distancing. Workers will continue to be tested every two weeks and waiting rooms will remain closed.

Retail: can operate at 50 percent capacity.

Gyms: can operate at 33 percent capacity. Saunas and steam rooms will remain closed if they cannot maintain proper social distancing.

House of Worship: can operate at 33 percent capacity. No shaking hands if people are not from the same household.

Also, there is now a 50 person limit on residential gatherings.

You can read the full story at The Buffalo News.

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