Yesterday, the BEST jobs for 2018 were posted and you may not have found your job on a list full of stats and analytics. However, today we post the WORST jobs for 2018. You can look at this list one of two way; "I guess my job isn't THAT bad," or "I knew my job would show up on here."

Careercast puts a list of the best and worst jobs every year and according to their website they use the following key factors to curate the list.

  • Income
  • Growth Outlook
  • Work Environment
  • Stress

Here are the Top 10 Worst Jobs for 2018.

  1. Taxi driver ($24,880 median salary)
  2. Logger ($38,840 median salary)
  3. Newspaper reporter ($39,370 median salary)
  4. Retail salesperson ($23,370 median salary)
  5. Enlisted military — ($26,054 median salary)
  6. Corrections officer ($43,510 median salary)
  7. Disc jockey ($31,500 median salary)
  8. Broadcaster ($40,910 median salary)
  9. Advertising salesperson ($49,680 median salary)
  10. Pest control worker ($34,370 median salary)

Is your job on the list? Onc can see the common theme of stress and uncertainty in these jobs but some people may love that. I guess it's all in how you look at it.



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