Get ready for another round of strong storms this week around Western New York.

It was just last week that a tornado ripped through Chautauqua county and left a family farms in pieces.
This week, the humidity seems to have increased and the forecast is calling for strong winds, hail and rain for Wednesday.

I was in the drive-thru line at Dairy Queen when the tornado alert hit my phone. With the three boys in their car seats in the truck, I decided to bail on the ice cream and head straight home. I am an adventurous guy. But when it comes to the boys, I try to be more cautious and we took cover in our basement for a while. The strong winds and rain did hit our backyard but it definitely was not as bad as what happened to the people in the Town of Portland.
I will take Buffalo weather over the hot and humid weather that other places get for most of the summer. It is usually around now when we get some cooler evenings (comparatively) and the days start to get a little shorter. The best weather? Sunny and 70 with a cool breeze.
Once we get through Wednesday, the hot weather will stick around for a few days with 90's back in the forecast for the start of next week.


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