Today is National Cat Day and I will admit that I am a Cat Guy! I love spending time with my cat Stamp, but every time I tell people about her, they always want to know how she got her name Stamp.

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The story is very simple. When my wife, son, and I were living in Panama City Beach, Florida, we lost our family cat Bebers. She was with us for over 13 years and had always been a aprt of my son Avry' life.

When we lost her to cancer, there was a huge hole in our family's heart. We waited for weeks and months, but then we knew we needed to add a new fur-baby to the Fields family to make us complete.

We headed over the Humane Society in Panama City and checked out all the cats there were in need of a new home. While we went back and forth we really couldn't decide. My wife like a older cat named Angel and I was fond of another cat named gingered.

Then Stamp showed up. She had just been dropped off and my son Avry fell right in love with the newest kitten at the Humane society.

We asked about her and her backstory almost made us cry.

She was just brought in a couple of hours before we stopped in. She had been dropped off my a letter carrier. The mailman found her scared and alone in a mailbox. Yep...someone had put a poor little kitten in a cold dark mailbox. Based on her condition the people with the Humane Society said she had been there for several days....Alone, cold, and hungry.

We knew we had to adopt her and give her a better life than what she started with.

We were filling out the paper work when one of the workers asked us if we had a named picked out. Based on her story of being found in a mailbox, someone suggested Stamp and we loved it! Stamp was perfect to turn a bad situtation into a good one.

So Stamp it is! but of course if you have pets, you know they have a million nicknames and Stamp is no different. She is also known as Lamps, Cords, Radar, Lou, Lou-bert, Estamilla, and so many many more names!

So Happy National Cat Day to all the cute cuddly felines out there!

Dave's Cat Stamp


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